"Through enhancing teaching, we make learning more effective."

The Center for Teaching and Learning Development of National Chengchi University pursue the core value to emphasize professional team work in addition to individual efforts. We build channels and platforms such as teaching workshops and networking activities for teachers. We establish the “Teaching Mentor System”. We train our teaching assistants, develop digital teaching tools, and provide structures for teachers to pass on their experience and method into professional training materials. Furthermore, we hope to churn out self-motivated learners and continue to refine the development and overall quality of teaching and learning.

2008 2009 1st half 2009 2nd half
Beginner Forerunner Teaching Development Learning Development
‧Complete (center) strategy planning and information platform
‧Plan draft strategy
‧Build teaching platform
‧Plan and experimental workshop
‧Complete system construction and staff training
‧Staff training
‧Build professional system
‧Uphold teaching development program
‧Integrate information platform
‧Beginning teaching and learning developemnt
‧Practice e-learning workshop
‧Establish certificate mechanism and human resource database
‧Manage and execute teaching enhancement plan
‧Hold teaching innovation seminar
‧Award superior course